What is Integrations ?

Integrations is aggregating information from other applications

FundrsVC provide integrations with HubSpot, Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Quickbooks, Chartmogul, Appfigures and Stripe.

Click Integrations on side menu to open integrations page where you can find all apps provided to integrate with, click connect on the designated app to integrate with, some apps require tokens, other secret key or API Key and others get authenticated by your account as quickbooks, enter the needed information you will find it in the platform, then it will be connected and show success popup message, then you will find list to fetch data to be synced also you can choose the date from-to for the aggregated data, then click finish.

Hurray you data has been synced, now what should you do with let's say integrated with stripe, you can use it mainly in two things in Dashboards and Updates.

Dashboard you will find the integration bar has the icon illuminated if integrated so that you can click on it and import the desired data, also in updates you can find the integration bar as well and import that data needed.

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