How to use Dashboards ?

Dashboard is the centralized page to view all metric

Dashboard is based on integrations, you have to integrate first with third party apps to get data and visualize it in dashboard, once integrated create a dashboard name ie: Sales and open it.

In dashboard you will find a tool box for active integrations made, click on them and import whats needed from integration, you have the ability to change time from-to also you can change chart type from Bar/Pie/Line charts.

You can share the whole dashboard by clicking share link to give to investors or to share with designated stalk holders, be sure to click the lock icon and add password before sharing the link.

After importing chart, you can drag and drop to swap between the boxes in the canvas to be displayed as needed, also you can print the whole canvas on a paper for reporting, each widget can be edited and deleted by the top right icons.

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